Bath Water Colours

Tinti Bath Water Colours

These coloured tablets dissolve slowly and colour the water, mesmerising children of all ages!  They leave no residue so will not stain the skin or the bath tub.

Natural colours are used, made from elderberries, spirulina and gardenia blossoms.  Panthenol and sea minerals are also included to condition children’s delicate skin.  There are no preservatives or SLS.

These Bath Water Colour tablets can also be mixed to create exciting new colours such as purple, green and orange coloured water!

The individual sachets are also ideal for a party bag treat, or a little treat for your nearest and dearest!

3 Pack: £2.99 (1 x yellow, 1 x blue, 1 x red sachet)

9 Pack: £6.50 (2 x yellow, 5 x blue, 2 x red sachets)